About Us

Founded in 2016 in São Paulo - Brazil, with the mission of transforming lives through biotechnology, enabling ideas, treatments, and dreams to become reality, Biotimize was born from the desire of its founders of making Brazil a heated place for biotechnology in the world.

Combining different practical experiences from Brazil and the USA, Biotimize already conquered customers in almost all regions of Brazil and positioned itself as an R&D partner for the biopharmaceutical sector.
Biotimize works to develop new approaches to create a scenario where it is possible to democratize access to science and healing and create a positive impact for people.

Innovative technologies

Optimizing Health

Meet our team

Biotimize's team draws on decades of prior experience working across Brazilian industry-leading biopharmaceutical companies, to bring to its clients an unexcelled customer experience in recombinant protein development. Together, the team offers capacity-rich structure, innovative technologies, and flexible services that the market currently demands. Part of Biotimize’s team can be seen below.

  • Fernando Cesar Barbosa

    Ph.D in Sciences (Unicamp/Harvard)
    Biotech Engineer (UNESP)
    8+ years of experience in biopharma sector
    Areas: Growth Hacker, Management, Process Design, and GMP

  • Guilherme Augusto

    M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering (USP)
    Biotech Engineer (UNESP)
    10+ years of experience in biopharma sector
    Areas: R&D, Process development, Process Design, Scale-up and GMP

  • Talison Chaves Lucas

    MBA in Strategic Management and People (USP)
    Biotech Engineer (UNESP)
    8+ years of experience in management
    Areas: Logistics, Customer Service, Business, Development, and SaaS



Democratizing drug development with Biotechnology as a Service.


Rigorous company in relation to the general data protection law (LGPD)

Biotimize - Biotechnology as a Service is committed to complying with the laws that protect the privacy of the data of its employees, partners and the general public.
See how we deal with the information collected:

What are the data types? Personal data:
”Information related to the identified or viral person”, for example: first name, last name, date of birth, personal documents, home or business address, telephone, email and IP address.

Sensitive Personal data:
These are the data that refer to racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union affiliation or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature. Sensitive personal data as well are those related to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data.

What data does our Company collect? Our company handles data from employees, partners and service providers, being duly compliant with the LGPD.
On the website, the company collects data through the voluntary and consensual completion of forms, e-books and contact to receive the newsletter.

Is there automatic data collection? Biotimize - Biotechnology as a Service does not automatically collect data in each access to the website.

How do they use my data? The personal data provided by users who fill in the forms are used solely to provide feedback at the user's request (individual or legal entity interested in our company's products and services).
Once the service is completed, such data is deleted.

Have you got any questions? Talk to the Data Protection Manager (DPO) by email:
You will be able to clarify doubts related to the processing of personal data.